Board of Regents still not ready to discuss 2018-19 tuition rates

Board of Regents still not ready to discuss 2018-19 tuition rates
Already several months behind schedule in setting tuition rates for next year, the Iowa Board of Regents still need more time for deliberation.

Documents for the Regents’ meeting next week do not include a discussion of 2018-19 tuition rates, as was expected. Board spokesman Josh Lehman tells the Daily Iowan due to the uncertainty of funding at the state level, the Board is not ready to set those rates but expects to begin discussions in April. Tuition would then be set during the Regents’ June meeting.

The Board typically begins it tuition discussions in October. But president Mike Richards said at the time they needed to have more deliberation and wanted to avoid the situation which occurred last year, when the Regents twice raised tuition.

Richards had said it is “imperative” they set tuition at the appropriate amount and give students and their families a clear message on what tuition will be.

University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld has proposed raising tuition by seven percent for each of the next five years, as have Iowa State University officials. While some have balked at such a steep increase, Harreld points out the UI is still on the low end compared to its peers.

The state legislature has used higher education funding as a way to slash the budget amid declining state revenues over the last few years. The legislature is again proposing cutting that funding, with proposals ranging between $8 million and $14.6 million in cuts.