Man charged in southeast side assault now accused of stealing vehicle

Man charged in southeast side assault now accused of stealing vehicle

A man already facing several charges relating to an incident on Iowa City’s southeast side now is accused of stealing a car near his home on the north side.

Police say the victim found his car had been stolen from his driveway on Jan. 3. Nearly three weeks later, a person reported seeing that vehicle parked at the home of Daivon Jones, 18, of B’Jaysville Lane.

Police say it was again seen at the Coralville Wal-Mart that night, with store surveillance showing Jones getting into the passenger seat. The next afternoon, an officer found it back at Jones’ home. When an officer tried to stop the vehicle from leaving, police say it fled, losing officers.

However, they then spoke with Jones’ mother – who lives with him – and she said her son and an unidentified co-defendant left about the same time officers had tried to stop the vehicle.

Jones is charged with 2nd Degree Theft, a class D felony carrying up to five years in prison.

Last December, Jones was one of six people accused of beating a man near Fairmeadows Park. Someone in that group fired a handgun at the man, with the bullet narrowly missing his head. Last week, several new charges were filed against Jones in that case, including Willful Injury Causing Bodily Injury, Assault with Intent to Inflict Serious Injury, and Participating in a Riot.

If convicted on those charges, Jones could be sentenced to up to nine years in prison.