Board of Medicine takes action on multiple cases involving IC physicians

Board of Medicine takes action on multiple cases involving IC physicians
The Iowa Board of Medicine has filed disciplinary charges against one Iowa City doctor, settled a case with another, and ended another’s probation.

The board last week filed formal charges against psychiatrist Joseph Shader, who had been a resident with University of Iowa Health Care. Shader is accused of failing to comply with the terms of a contract he entered into with the Iowa Physician Health Program in December 2013.

The board says Shader failed to comply with required drug screening, filing quarterly reports, an aftercare program and notification of non-compliance. He also allegedly failed to complete a comprehensive medical, professional boundaries and sexual misconduct evaluation as ordered by the board earlier this year.

A hearing on his medical license is scheduled for June 2.

Meanwhile, former VA Hospital emergency room physician Noli Mendoza has reached a settlement with the board over allegations he falsified a certificate stating he was certified in emergency medicine by two separate entities. He’s also accused of failing to pay a qualifying state debt.

Under the settlement, Mendoza has agreed to surrender his Iowa medical license.

And the board reports Robert Garrett completed his five-year probation on Wednesday stemming from a 2012 settlement. The former Mercy Hospital neurologist was accused of prescribing excessive controlled substances to multiple patients over a two-year period.

Garrett paid a $5000 fine and he had been prohibited from prescribing, administering or dispensing controlled substances while also being monitored by the board. While his probation is over, Garrett is still prohibited from prescribing or dispensing controlled substances.
Tommy Lang