Johnson County Auditor disappointed by voter ID bill

Johnson County Auditor disappointed by voter ID bill
The Johnson County Auditor has come out in opposition to the new Iowa Voter ID Law that is now in effect,  but he says as it is the new law, it will be enforced.
The new bill will require voters to produce a valid identification, such as a state issued drivers license or state-issued voter ID card.
Travis Weipert sent out a statement Thursday in which he states that the Legislature has passed a bill that polices a form of voter fraud, voter impersonation, that doesn’t exist.
Weipert points out that the bill shortens the time for early voting, and eliminates the straight ticket option, an option that a third of Johnson County voters used last fall.
In summary, the county auditor says that none of these provisions does anything to help people vote. The process will be longer and more difficult, and there’s no question that some people who were able to vote under previous laws will be unable to vote.
Tommy Lang