Johnson County Restaurants Report Health Inspector Scam

Johnson County Restaurants Report Health Inspector Scam

Johnson County restaurants are reporting a scam in which a caller claims to be a health inspector.
KCRG reports at least one area restaurant fell victim to the scam. The owner of I Love Pho in Coralville says she was able to contact her credit card company in time to get the $100 back that had been stolen from her.
The scam, which has been around for awhile but has a new twist, starts with a caller telling a business there will be a health inspection the next day but the restaurant needs to pay a $5 fee upfront.
The restaurant’s credit card is then charged, in I Love Pho’s case, $100.
The Iowa Department of Public Health says the scammers appear to be targeting ethnic restaurants in Johnson and Lee counties. Restaurant owners are asked to contact law enforcement if they receive similar calls.
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