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Tom Suter (AKA Suterman) was born in Mason City, Ia.
on March 29th, 1952. Tom remembers NOTHING whatsoever about Mason City. 
In 1955 the Suter family moved to
Iowa City and they were soon basking in
the glory of Hawkeye Sports.
Tom was the musical director in a production of 
Jesus Christ Superstar where he met his future bride Anne, who
played Mary Magdalene.
 After a few failed relationships both Tom and Anne
 decided that no one else would have them & they eventually married in 1983.  
They toured the nation
with the rock band Landslide. They
recorded two albums, played in 42
states, and performed over 2000
dates. Eventually, mercifully Landslide
After the national touring was over, Tom
and Anne decided to raise a family.
On May 1st, 1993 Molly was
born and on December 12th, 1995 Amy was born. 
Tom is best known as the
General Manager of “The Mighty
1630” KCJJ. Tom is a past board
chair and just finished his second
stint on the Iowa City Crisis Center
Board of Directors. Tom also wrapped
up his commitment as an Iowa City
Public Library Board Trustee.  Tom is in
his second time with TableTo-Table, is a past
board chair and is currently serving
as vice chair.
Want to hear Tom talk sports?
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9:00 AM for the new 
Suterman Show. Tom is joined by Rob Howe
of The Voice of The Hawkeyes

Jim is our News Director and Morning Show Co-Host
Jim worked at the original KFMH from 1990 to its unceremonious 
demise in 1994. He spent another 12 years in radio until being
unceremoniously downsized in 2007.  Now he anchors the afternoon
shift weekdays, hosts "And Now For Something Completely British"
on Saturdays and "Stoned On Sunday" on, well, you know.
 With four grown daughters, four grandkids and two ex wives,
he vows that his relationship status is "retired." His continuing love for
his family, music, reading, the Cubs and Packers occupy most of his
time now days.  Oh, and he thinks KFMH listeners are not only the most
intelligent people on the planet, but they're good looking and smell nice.

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