Hawkeye linebacking trio prepares for emotional Senior Day

Hawkeye linebacking trio prepares for emotional Senior Day
After 114 starts, 127 games played, 737 tackles, nine interceptions, six fumbles forced and three touchdowns, Iowa's starting linebackers will play in Kinnick Stadium one more time on Saturday.
“You look back at your freshman year and you didn’t think about when these times were going to come; it’s going to take awhile, it’s a going to be a grind, stuff like that,” Josey Jewell said on Tuesday. “But, just like everybody else said before us that were seniors and all the coaches, it does go by fast. It’s just crazy to think this is one of our last games here.”
Jewell admits it's a little hard to believe he only has three games left in a Hawkeye uniform but says he'll do his best to keep his emotions in check.
Jewell, Ben Niemann, and Bo Bower have pretty much held a lock on Iowa's linebacking positions for the last three seasons. Niemann says it's been a fun experience - on and off the field - and one that's created lifetime friendships between the trio. And he admits he may not be the player he is today without the other two.
“Just pushing me everyday to strive to be the best player I can be,” Niemann said. “You know, mentally, physically, on the field, in the weight room, in the meeting rooms. All three of us, we want to push each other to be the best and we’re all three competitive guys and it’s made each other better players.”
Even the normally stoic Bower admits Saturday may be emotional.
“It’s going to be surreal,” Bower said, adding you have to treat it like your first game as a freshman. “I haven’t thought about it much, honestly, but now that it’s coming closer and closer you think about it more. It’ll be emotional going out on the field with my mom and dad.
“But after that, you turn it off and you play football.”
Those linebackers are hoping to recreate the magic of two weeks ago, saying they know the team has the talent to do it and finish the season on a high note.
Saturday's game against Purdue is set for a 2:30 p.m. kickoff on BTN.
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