Hope House escapee captured

Hope House escapee captured

A Hope House escapee has been captured after absconding from the facility earlier this year.
21-year-old Davonte Treshawn Tharpe was booked into the Johnson County Jail just before 4pm Thursday. Tharpe was sentenced to Hope House on a 1st Degree Theft conviction in 2015. Court records show Tharpe left the Coralville facility just before 5:30am on May 13th to go to work at Key Resources on Heinz Road in Iowa City. He was scheduled to check back in by 7:10 that night, but never returned. A warrant for his arrest was issued three days later.

Tharpe now faces an Absence From Custody charge in addition to his probation on the theft charge possibly being revoked. He received a ten-year suspended sentence on the theft charge, and leaving Hope House could lead to an additional year in prison.