Williamsburg man accused in stabbing to use intoxication defense

Williamsburg man accused in stabbing to use intoxication defense
KCJJ Staff

A Williamsburg man plans to use his intoxication level in his defense in a December stabbing.

Court records show an attorney representing 42-year-old Bryan Grout entered his planned defense of his client last month. The defense means Grout claims he did not understand the nature of his actions the night of the incident due to his diminished mental capacity because he was intoxicated.

Grout is accused of stabbing another man at a Country Club Road home on Dec. 9. Police say he was drunk when he went to the home armed with a knife and stabbed the man multiple times, causing injuries to the man’s neck, back and chest. At the time officials labeled the wounds as life-threatening but the man survived the attack.

Police have not released a motive in the stabbing, though court records show the victim had a no-contact order against Grout.

Grout is charged with Attempted Murder and 1st Degree Burglary. He faces up to 50 years in prison if convicted when trial starts on Oct. 16. He had also been charged with Operating While Under the Influence but that charge was dropped by prosecutors in June.