Police: Man pulls himself over, is charged with OWI

Police: Man pulls himself over, is charged with OWI
KCJJ Staff

An Iowa City man made his arrest easy for police on Sunday, pulling over before the officer had initiated the stop by turning on either his light or siren.

A Johnson County Sheriff’s deputy says he clocked Nathan Evers’ vehicle traveling 30 miles per hour over the Coralville Dam – a 15-mile-per-hour zone – about 2:15 p.m. Sunday. The deputy then pulled out from his parking spot and says Evers, 20, pulled onto the side of the road before the officer ever turned on his emergency lights or siren.

The deputy then began a traffic stop, saying upon approaching Evers’ vehicle there was a smell of marijuana. Evers, who lives on North Linn Street, then allegedly handed over an unidentified amount of marijuana and smoking items. He also admitted to having smoked marijuana earlier in the afternoon and the deputy says Evers showed signs of impairment on field sobriety testing.

Evers is charged with Operating while Under the Influence and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. If convicted on both counts, he could be sentenced to up to 13 months in jail.