Woman accused of getting drunk, hitting on fellow rehab member

Woman accused of getting drunk, hitting on fellow rehab member
KCJJ Staff

A Coralville woman has been accused of violating her probation by getting drunk and hitting on a fellow participant in a rehab program.

A complaint against Amy Sales, 48, of 20th Avenue, states she was thrown out of her substance abuse treatment program on Tuesday for disciplinary reasons. Probation officer Cathy McGinnis writes in the complaint Sales purchased alcohol while away from the treatment center on a day pass, returned to the agency and drank the alcohol.

Sales allegedly “then became physically and sexually aggressive” toward another client at the treatment center. She was taken into custody for the probation violation on Wednesday and McGinnis recommended bond be set at $1000 cash only.

Sales had been placed in substance abuse treatment as part of a plea deal on a Domestic Abuse Assault While Displaying a Weapon charge from February 2017. As part of that plea deal, the charge was reduced to Assault Causing Bodily Injury, a 180-day jail sentence was suspended, and she was allowed to perform community service in lieu of paying fines.

Court records show Sales has already been charged with violating her probation on the charge once, being ordered to serve a two-day jail sentence in October. That stemmed from a pair of drunken incidents in July, when her blood alcohol concentration was measured at .330 in each case.