Three charged after “Friendsgiving” gets out of hand

Three charged after “Friendsgiving” gets out of hand

“Friendsgiving” get-togethers are common in college towns like Iowa City when University of Iowa students are unable to get home for Thanksgiving, but Iowa City Police say one Friendsgiving party got out of hand earlier this week leading to charges against three participants.

Officers were called to an apartment building at 18 East Court Street just before 11pm Thursday after a report of loud subjects running up and down the halls and throwing beer bottles off a balcony. Arriving police noticed loud music, a table with alcohol in the common hallway between apartments and open doors of two neighboring apartments. Inside one apartment people were standing on a table and consuming alcohol while under the legal age. The residents of the apartment told investigators they were just celebrating “Friendsgiving”.

Three 20-year-old residents were charged with Disorderly House, including Tyler Vanarkel, Jonathan Anderson and Cole Carpenter.