IC ‘Night Mayor’ leaving for new position in California

IC ‘Night Mayor’ leaving for new position in California
KCJJ Staff

Angela Winnike, who had served as Iowa City’s first “Night Mayor,” is stepping down from the role to take a new job out of state.

The Iowa City Downtown District, which employed Winnike, says she will leave her position later this month to move to California.

Winnike began her role in April 2017, acting as a liaison and ambassador for the downtown during the hours after close of the business day. The ICDD hoped to diversify both the businesses and the clientele. During her time in Iowa City, she also ran for an at-large seat on the city council in 2017, losing to Kingsley Botchway II and Mazahir Salih.

In a statement, the downtown district said Winnike “has been an integral part of piloting” the new position and wished her luck in her new position. They add they plan to continue employing someone in the role but say they will evaluate the position to determine how to best meet the needs of the businesses, the city, and the University of Iowa.

The ICDD is hosting a farewell party for Winnike on Saturday at Pints from 6-8 p.m.