Final briefs filed in Coralville woman’s appeal of murder conviction

Michelle Kehoe was convicted of killing her young son in 2009
KCJJ Staff

A Coralville woman’s appeal of her murder conviction in the 2008 slaying of her young son is ready to be heard by the Iowa Appeals Court.

Records show the final briefs were submitted this week by the prosecution and attorneys for Michelle Kehoe. A hearing date has not yet been set by the court.

The now-45-year-old Kehoe is seeking post-conviction relief after being convicted of 1st Degree Murder in 2009 in the death of her two-year-old son. She claims in her appeal her diminished mental state at the time of her trial kept her from taking the stand. She argues that after years of treatment while in prison she should tell the story from her perspective, saying it may persuade a jury to agree with her insanity defense.

Kehoe argues her attorneys during trial failed in advising her not to testify.

Police said Kehoe drove her two sons – at the time ages two and seven – to a remote area of Buchanan County and slit their throats on Oct. 26, 2008, leaving her sons for dead. The younger son died while the older son survived.

She’s currently serving a life sentence.