IC woman found with BAC more than twice legal limit after hitting multiple parked vehicles

Initial breath testing registered her BAC above .200
KCJJ Staff

Crashing into several parked cars, then being found with a blood alcohol concentration more than twice the legal limit to drive has led to an Operating While Under the Influence charge for an Iowa City woman.

The incident took place in the 700 block of East Bloomington Street late Friday night. Police say Gabrielle Perez, 23, of East Burlington Street, ran her Mercury Grand Marquis into multiple vehicles parked along the road before officers arrived on scene.

When police spoke with Perez, they say she was slurring her words and showed other signs of intoxication, including later failing multiple field sobriety tests. An on-scene breath test registered Perez’ BAC at .203, while a later DataMaster test showed it to be .176.

Perez is charged with 1st Offense OWI, a serious misdemeanor carrying up to one year in jail.