University Heights loses another Police Chief

University Heights loses another Police Chief

For the third time since 2017, the University Heights City Council will be looking for a new Police Chief.

Saying he wants to be closer to his family in Illinois, Chief Nate Petersen says he’s resigning after just over a year on the job. He submitted his resignation letter on February 28th, and announced that April 12th will be his last day.

Before Petersen’s resignation, Kris Lyon was fired in March 2018 for reasons never publicly explained other than saying it was without cause and for no specific reason. Kenneth Stanley announced his retirement as University Heights police chief in February 2017.

University Heights mayor Louise From says the Council will appoint an interim chief at its meeting on April 9th and is already taking steps toward searching for a new chief.

The City Council has already been discussing contracting out some police duties, noting that the department’s budget has far outpaced inflation. There are three part time officers and four full time officers, including the chief, for the city’s 13,000 residents.