More evacuations in Midwest as floodwaters head downstream

More evacuations in Midwest as floodwaters head downstream

Hunter (with Associated Press report)


Residents in parts of southwestern Iowa were forced out of their homes Sunday as a torrent of Missouri River water flowed over and through levees, putting them in a situation similar to hundreds of people in neighboring Nebraska who have been displaced by the late-winter flood.

In Iowa, the Missouri River reached 30.2 feet Sunday in Fremont County in the state’s far southwestern corner, 2 feet above the record set in 2011. People in the towns of Bartlett and Thurman were being evacuated as levees were breached and overtopped.

Thurman has about 200 residents. About 50 people live in Bartlett.

Lucinda Parker of Iowa Homeland Security said nearly 2,000 people have been evacuated at eight Iowa locations since flooding began late last week.

The Cedar River in Cedar Rapids is two feet into major flood stage, at 17.92 feet. It’s projected to crest at 18.6 feet this evening and drop out of minor flood stage by Saturday.

The rising Mississippi River also was creating concern. The Mississippi was already at major flood level along the Iowa-Illinois border in some spots.  In the Quad Cities the river is receding after reaching a crest of 17.17 feet, but it is expected to rise again this weekend. It should stay in moderate flood stage most of the week.

The Iowa River in Marengo is at about 18 and a half feet, and is expected to creep into major flood stage of 19 feet sometime Tuesday. After cresting into moderate flooding on Friday, the river at Lone Tree is now out of flood stage.

Flooding has also been reported in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, officials said residents who evacuated their homes could return now that floodwaters have receded there.