IC man arrested for imprisoning live-in girlfriend

IC man arrested for imprisoning live-in girlfriend

An Iowa City man is in custody after keeping his live-in girlfriend from leaving their apartment.

According to arrest reports, 25 year-old Travontae Cayce of the Town and Campus Apartments in Iowa City allegedly took the victim’s car keys and cellphone on April 10th, refusing to let her leave.  He’s then accused of making her stay in a bedroom, and any attempts by the victim to walk out of the bedroom resulted in Cayce pushing her back in.

The woman alleges that she wasn’t allowed to leave the bedroom for 24 hours. When she was finally allowed to leave, Cayce says he told her that is she told anyone what he did, he would “end her life.”

The couple have had an off and on relationship for the past three years and just moved in together two weeks ago.

Cayce has been charged with false imprisonment, 1st degree harassment, domestic abuse assault, and obstruction of emergency communications. If convicted on all charges, he could be sentenced to over three years in prison.