Kernels Golf Carts prove irresistible to thief

Kernels Golf Carts prove irresistible to thief

Golf carts used by employees of the Cedar Rapids Kernels at Veterans Memorial Stadium are proving irresistible to thieves, who have absconded with them on two occasions over the last three days.

The first incident occurred on Sunday, when a golf cart was reported stolen from the stadium. It was found later in the day at an address in the 3300 block of Southgate Court Southwest. No arrests have been reported in that incident.

Then early Tuesday, a man was arrested after witnesses reported seeing one of the golf carts in a motel parking lot.

Police arrested 28-year-old Jose Manuel Trevino at the Motel Six, which is also located in the 3300 block of Southgate Court Southwest. Officers were called to the Motel between 4 and 5am after witnesses reported a golf cart belonging to the team in the parking lot. A backpack belonging to Trevino was found in the back of the cart, and witnesses alleged Trevino was the one driving it around the parking lot earlier in the night.

Police found Trevino in the motel, along with a scale, pipe, baggies and meth in his possession.

An investigation found damage to a fence at Veterans Memorial Stadium where they believe Trevino was able to gain access to the carts and steal a number of them.

He’s charged with 3rd degree Burglary, 2nd degree Theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled substance. He’s being held at the Linn County Jail.