Regents extend contracts of university presidents

Regents extend contracts of university presidents

The Iowa Board of Regents gave a vote of confidence to the leaders of the three state-run universities, extending the contracts of its presidents.

At their meeting in Ames this week, the Regents approved contract extensions through June of 2023 for University of Iowa President Bruce Harreld and Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen.

The contract of University of Northern Iowa President Mark Nook was extended to 2025 with a two-year renewal option.

No salary increase was offered, though deferred compensation payments will increase.

UI President Harreld will continue to receive his annual salary of $590,000, but his deferred compensation will be doubled this year, from $200,000 to $400,000, payable at the end of his contract term.

Wintersteen’s deferred-compensation plan began with a $125,000 in 2017, $150,000 in 2018 and $200,000 this year. She will continue to get a $200,000 yearly contribution to her deferred compensation fund through the end of her contract.

Nook will see his $75,000 annual deferred compensation bumped up to $100,000.

The Regents had two closed session meetings to discuss campus president compensation before they announced the changes.