Former IC bank employee arrested for forgery

Former IC bank employee arrested for forgery

A former Iowa City bank employee who is accused of stealing identity information from as many as ten customers was taken into custody Wednesday.

Authorities say that 23-year old Nicholas Madison of East Burlington Street used personal information of bank customers between March 22 and April 1st this year in order to fabricate personal checks and make electronic fund transfers in an attempt to pay his rent and another bill. Over the course of the days in question, Madison allegedly inputted the stolen identities and account numbers of multiple customers in order to pay his rent. Those transactions were reversed due to fraud.

When that didn’t work, Madison is accused of providing his landlord with two forged checks with identity information from another customer totaling $1300. The landlord deposited the checks, but they were returned due to the forgery.

In the other incident, Madison allegedly fabricated a personal check to pay off a debt in the amount of $520, using a customer’s identity information.

The bank that Madison worked at was involved in the investigation and determined that he stole identity information from as many as ten different bank customers.

A warrant was issued for his arrest at the end of last month and he was served and arrested Wednesday. He’s been charged with two counts of Forgery and Identity Theft, both over and under $1000. If convicted on all charges, Madison faces up to seventeen years in prison.

Madison posted bond and a preliminary hearing is set for June 28th.