UI student found asleep on couch on downtown sidewalk tell officers he lives in “October”


Iowa City Police say a University of Iowa student was found sleeping on a couch on a downtown sidewalk, then told them he lived in “October”.

Officers received a report of a subject sleeping on a couch on the sidewalk along Burlington Street across from Estela’s Fresh Mex at 3am Saturday. The subject, 21-year-old Jeremy Shain of South Dubuque Street, was difficult to awaken. When he finally woke up, he allegedly told them he lived in “October”.

Police say Shain showed multiple signs of intoxication. He was also holding a burrito that had spilled all over the front of his shirt.

Shain refused breath testing and was arrested for Public Intoxication. Investigators say Shain was placed into the back of the squad car and refused multiple commands to put his feet inside the door so it could be shut. He was eventually forced into the car.

Shain now faces an additional Interference with Official Acts charge. If convicted on both charges, he faces a maximum of 60 days in jail.

A bench trial is set for September 24th.