IC man accused of stealing from fellow inmates in jail


Just because you’re in jail for stealing apparently doesn’t stop some people from stealing.

An Iowa City man has been accused of taking money off other inmate’s accounts while incarcerated at the Johnson County Jail.

It was brought to a deputy’s attention Monday that an inmate was taking money off other inmate’s accounts. During the investigation, it was discovered that 23-year-old Devontae King of Waterfront Drive had taken $5.40 off one account on August 26th, over $110 of money from another inmate’s phone account on September 5th and 6th, and just over $7 from another inmate on Monday.

King has a 3rd Degree Theft conviction from 2014 and a 5th Degree Theft conviction from last month. He’s now been charged again with three counts of 3rd Degree Theft, an aggravated misdemeanor punishable by a maximum two-year prison sentence for each count.