ACT to offer new testing options to optimize scores


Iowa City-based ACT, makers of one of the tests used for college admissions has announced plans to introduce options to test-takers to optimize their scores and improve their changes of getting accepted to schools of their choice.

Beginning with the September 2020 national test date, the company will offer three new options. Students who have already taken the test and had a lower than desired score on one of the sections can retake that section instead of the entire test.

Additionally, students will have the option of online or paper testing at selected ACT Test Centers. They plan to eventually expand that to all centers. Those that go with the online option will get results back in two days, compared to around two weeks with paper tests.

Finally, those that take the ACT multiple times will get a “superscore,” featuring their best performance on each section.

In a media release, ACT adds that the content and format of the ACT will not change, just the administration and reporting methods.

The company offers online test prep resources and offers fee waivers to students from lower income households. Details are available at