Coralville woman arrested after alleged assault of ex-partner


A Coralville woman has been taken into custody after the alleged assault of her ex-partner.

Authorities say they were dispatched to the 900 block of 20th Avenue Place on October 3rd at around 7:45pm for an unknown problem. They met a woman there who had two cuts on her lip. She said she suffered the cuts at the hand of 19-year-old Danelle Williams of 14th Avenue. She accused Williams of grabbing her by the neck, throwing her to the ground and hit her on the head until she was able to push Williams off her.

Williams then reportedly went outside the residence, with the victim following her to call police. At that point, Williams is accused of grabbing a brick and throwing it at the woman before leaving. She returned to get her things from the residence, allegedly became upset again and threw a fan towards the woman.

When officers arrived, Williams was observed running from the scene. The victim told them she and Williams had been in a year-long intimate relationship and shared the same residence.

A warrant was issued for Williams’ arrest the next day; she was located and booked into the Johnson County Jail Monday morning on domestic abuse causing injury charges. If convicted, Williams could face a jail sentence of up to one year.