IC Police say school district driver did not break law when hitting 12 year old


The Iowa City Police say the driver of a school district vehicle that hit a 12-year-old student on September 24th didn’t violate Iowa law when they left the scene of the accident.

After asking for the public’s help in obtaining information about the incident, it was discovered that a school district vehicle driven by the recently-identified Corey Turner hit the 12-year old and stopped initially after the crash. However, the vehicle left after the student was helped to his feet by an unknown witness.

KCRG TV reports that Turner was placed on administrative leave the day after the accident and continues to be on leave until he can be moved to a non-driving position within the district.

The station has learned that there was an onboard camera in the vehicle, and outgoing school board member Phil Hemmingway says that he’s seen the video. He says Turner was playing loud music and texting when it hit the student.

Turner has been cited for using an electronic communication device while driving.

KCRG reports that the student suffered cuts to his leg and ankle and is doing okay over two weeks after the accident.