Johnson County voters okayed Hoover demolition


It was a moot point, but those that chose to vote on whether the old home of Hoover Elementary should be torn down or saved went with tearing it down.

The Johnson County auditor’s office didn’t announce the vote totals because thousands of voters skipped the question. The ballots had already been printed when the state Supreme Court unanimously reversed a District Court ruling saying the Iowa City Community School District should have put the demolition question up for a general vote.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette found that the State Secretary of State’s Office reported the results. They showed 58.6 percent approved the demolition. Only 5724 voters chose to answer the question; there were 13,422 total voters countywide.

The former Hoover building is currently being used by Tate High School while their building is being expanded. The school district originally wanted to raze the building to have more land for City High School.