CR man accused of sexual assault at UI faces new charges in other IC cases


A Cedar Rapids man accused of a sexual assault on the University of Iowa campus last winter now faces charges relating to three other cases.

32-year-old Allen Hivento of 15th Street Southeast was arrested on January 8th by UI Police for two counts of 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse and two counts of Invasion of Privacy. Investigators say Hivento engaged in sex acts with an incapacitated 19-year-old woman in an apartment stairwell next to the Fieldhouse Bar and at the Iowa House Hotel at the Iowa Memorial Union. He’s also alleged to have used his cellphone to take videos of himself engaged in the acts without the victim knowing she was being recorded.

On Thursday police filed three additional charges of 3rd Degree Sexual Abuse stemming from separate investigations.

One incident happened on the 100 block of South Linn Street last year, when a victim and a friend met Hivento in an empty apartment he had accessed through a window. Hivento had allegedly regularly provided the two with drugs, and when they met him in the apartment the alleged victim said she blacked out after only one drink. She told police she woke up to find Hivento sexually assaulting her, with her friend yelling at him to stop.

Another incident also occurred in the 100 block of South Linn Street last year, when Hivento met an alleged victim on the dance floor of a downtown bar, then pulled her outside and onto a rooftop where he allegedly sexually assaulted her. The woman told police she tried to call for help, but Hivento took her phone away.

The third alleged incident occurred around 1:30am on June 28th, 2017. Police say Hivento grabbed a woman by the arm at The Blue Moose on Iowa Avenue and led her to the roof while saying something about fireworks. He allegedly pushed her to the ground and committed forcible sex acts. As in a previous incident, he allegedly took away the woman’s phone when she tried calling for help.

The woman got Hivento’s phone number after the incident so she could try to identify him. He later texted her that his name was “Karlos”, a name later used by the suspect in other, similar downtown sexual assault cases.

If convicted on all charges, Hivento faces a maximum of 54 years in prison.

Hivento has remained in custody since his arrest in January.