IC man arrested after being found passed out on medication


An Iowa City man was arrested after being found passed out in his Jeep Sunday morning.

According to police, they came upon 36-year-old Colin Walter of Barrington Road at about 7:40am near the intersection of Washington and Gilbert Streets in Iowa City. He allegedly was asleep at the wheel while stopped at a green light.

Officers observed pills in the back seat of the vehicle, and Walter allegedly seemed confused. He reportedly had bloodshot watery eyes, his pupils were dilated, and was very thick-tongued in his speech.

A sobriety test yielded a zero blood-alcohol content on both a PBT and Datamaster.

Another officer performed a DRE exam and concluded that Walter was under the influence of drugs. He reportedly told police that he took three times the described dose of his medication all at once the night before.

Walter was arrested and charged with OWI, a serious misdemeanor punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year.