North Liberty woman arrested for alleged years-long theft of friend’s medications


A North Liberty woman has been taken into custody after being accused of stealing a friend’s medication over several years.

Police say 39-year-old Jessica Hyberger of Blue Sky Drive and the victim, who lives in Hills, have been friends for several years. On or near July 5th of last year, she was at the victim’s home.

The victim had an active Adderall prescription, and Hyberger allegedly took about 5 pills from the man’s container valued at approximately $15. Police say that Hyberger has been stealing medication from the friend for years, and although neither she nor the man could quantify the exact number, it is believed that she has taken hundreds of his Adderall pills over the years.

Hyberger was charged Wednesday with 5th degree theft and unlawful possession of a prescription drug. If convicted on both charges, she could be sentenced to up to 13 months in prison.