Illinois woman reportedly hits speeds of 130 miles per hour in chase with police


An Illinois woman has been taken into custody after allegedly leading police on a chase at speeds of up to 130 miles an hour.

According to arrest reports, 30-year-old Justine Miller of City Street in Moline was observed traveling northbound on I380 near the 8 mile marker Thursday night around 11:00. The officer clocked her going 104 miles an hour in her 2006 BMW.

Miller pulled over at the 7 mile marker, but as the trooper approached the vehicle, Miller allegedly fled at a high rate of speed. She reportedly ignored siren and emergency lights and reached speeds of over 130 miles an hour during the pursuit. Miller is also accused of ignoring several traffic control devices.

Stop sticks were deployed and she eventually stopped on Southbound 380 at the 2-mile marker.

An open bottle of liquor was allegedly found behind the driver, but testing showed her under the legal limit of intoxication. A check of her record showed her driving status as barred.

Miller was taken into custody and charged with eluding at speeds 25 miles or more over the speed limit and driving while barred, both aggravated misdemeanors. If convicted on both counts, she could be sentenced to up to four years in prison.