Coralville woman allegedly brought juveniles with her to assault victim


A Coralville woman who was charged with domestic abuse assault last month allegedly brought juvenile reinforcements when she committed the act again Sunday night.

Officers were called to the 900 block of 20th Avenue at 8:53pm on reports of an assault. When they arrived, they found the victim with injuries to the eyes, nose and mouth, with moderate bleeding.

Police determined that 42-year-old Rhiannon Kutcher brought three other people with her to the residence, at least two of which were juveniles. They allegedly entered the residence, which was listed on her license information, confronted the victim, and began their assault. They all reportedly punched the victim in the head and face with closed fists, head-butted the victim, and kicked the victim in the head while in the fetal position.

Police were speaking with the victim while Kutcher was on the front stoop, and she began to yell and scream at the victim. She was instructed by an officer to go back into the house so police could continue their investigation, but she allegedly refused to comply and continued her rant.

Kutcher was taken into custody and charged with domestic abuse assault second offense, interference with official acts, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. If convicted, she could be sentenced to over two years in prison. A no-contact order was requested between the two parties.

Kutcher’s first domestic assault occurred at the same residence on the evening of May 6th, when the victim met officers outside to discuss the incident. The man repeatedly told officers not to look at his face, which had blood running down the right side, a deformity to the bridge of his nose, and a bite mark with significant blood on his right arm.

Both Kutcher and the victim were said to be highly intoxicated. She was charged with Domestic Abuse Assault with intent to inflict serious injury. A no-contact order was also requested in that incident. Kutcher was sentenced to time served and a $65 fine on May 8th.