IC man reportedly tried to avoid OWI by jumping in back seat of vehicle


An Iowa City man was charged with his first OWI after police say he failed to obey a traffic device early Sunday morning.

Officers attempted to pull over 19-year-old Adam Bennett of Blackfoot Trail at 2:38am , but he continued on after their emergency lights were activated. Once Bennett finally stopped, in the 1100 block of 10th Street, he allegedly jumped from the driver’s seat into the back seat of the vehicle.

After commands to exit the vehicle, Bennett came out from the driver’s side rear door. He was told to walk back to the patrol vehicle and show his hands. When told to place his hands on the patrol vehicle, Bennett allegedly started back towards his vehicle, refusing to identify himself.

Police say Bennett exhibited very emotional, animated and defiant behavior. He reportedly smelled of ingested alcohol, had bloodshot watery eyes, and an open container of alcohol was observed in the vehicle. Passengers in the vehicle positively ID’d Bennett as the driver. He refused all testing, and was taken into custody.

Bennett has been charged with OWI, a serious misdemeanor as a first offense and punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year if convicted. He was also charged with Interference With Official Acts, a simple misdemeanor.