IC man jailed after road rage incident with firearm


An Iowa City man was taken to the Johnson County Jail Monday night after allegedly using a firearm to intimidate a motorist in a road rage incident.

Police say the incident occurred at the intersection of Scott Boulevard and Rochester at 7:22pm. 55-year-old Joseph Reinholz of Goldfinch Circle was reportedly involved in a road rage incident with two other people.

When Reinholz came to a stop at the intersection, he waived his firearm at the other vehicle, and allegedly accidently discharged the firearm. When questioned by officers, Reinholz said he didn’t suspect that the other party had a firearm and never saw one. He stated he waived his firearm to get them to “go home.”

A shell casing from the incident was found at the scene. No injuries were mentioned in the police report.

Reinholz was charged with reckless use of a firearm and intimidation with a dangerous weapon. If convicted on the charges, he could be sentenced to over ten years in prison.