Coralville man who called 911 to be arrested for assault caught violating no contact order next day


A Coralville man who called 911 on himself to be arrested on assault charges Wednesday was taken into custody again Thursday after being discovered in the presence of the victim, despite a no-contact order.

Police were called to the Heartland Inn on 2nd Street Thursday afternoon in reference to a suspicious male. Upon arrival, they noticed 33-year-old Dewade Stallings’ car in the parking lot. Officers had prior knowledge of an alleged assault involving Stallings at his apartment on Boston Way Wednesday morning.  The assault involved the mother of their children, and she suffered a large laceration to her face that was bleeding on her face and shirt after Stallings reportedly struck her. He was taken into custody, and released at 9am Thursday.

Officers made contact with the victim, who was staying at the hotel. They found Stallings hiding in the bathroom. Just that morning, a Johnson County judge issued a no-contact order between the two, stating that Stallings was required to stay away from her and not be in her presence unless in a courtroom.

Stallings was taken into custody and charged with contempt.