IC man claiming to be cab driver arrested for meth possession


An Iowa City man who told police he was a cab driver has been arrested after using another person’s vehicle without permission.

Police say the incident occurred just before 4:30am on Washington Place in Iowa City Wednesday. They were called to the scene because 43-year-old David Wilson of Peterson Street had been sitting in a truck for over an hour and wasn’t moving from the street. Wilson allegedly said he was a cab driver, but the vehicle he was in didn’t belong to him.

Wilson reportedly had bloodshot watery eyes, constricted pupils, slurred confused speech, impaired balance, and unzipped pants. He showed signs of impairment on field tests, smelled of consumed alcohol, had methamphetamine and a meth pipe on his person, and admitted to meth use. A PBT showed a blood-alcohol level of .106 percent.

The truck Wilson was in belonged to another person who had left the keys inside. Wilson had no permission to drive the truck, but he entered the vehicle and drove it about a half a block.

Wilson faces charges of operating a vehicle without owner consent, meth possession, 2nd offense OWI, and possession of drug paraphernalia. If convicted on all counts, he could be sentenced to over five years in prison.