IC man accused of intentionally ramming his vehicle into girlfriend’s car


Allegedly intentionally ramming his vehicle into his girlfriend’s car has led to an Iowa City man’s arrest.

Iowa City Police say 22-year-old Jeremiah Dean of Davis Street intentionally blew through a yield sign at Davis and Tracy Lane just after 12:45 Thursday afternoon and rammed his Volkswagen Sedan into his live-in girlfriend’s car. The impact caused all of the airbags in the girlfriend’s vehicle to deploy. Dean then allegedly punched the woman in the face multiple times, causing cuts and causing her eyes to swell shut. She was taken to a local hospital via ambulance. Dean fled the scene in another vehicle before police could arrive. It was later determined that Dean had no insurance on the Volkswagen, and his license had been revoked by the state of Wisconsin.

Police say Dean had earlier sent the woman Snapchat messages telling her he would crash his car and kill her. The woman showed the messages to police.

Dean’s girlfriend also reported that he attacked her earlier that morning at their home. He allegedly pushed her onto a bed, punched her and choked her.

Dean was booked into the Johnson County Jail at 5:50 Friday night and charged with Domestic Abuse Assault Using or Displaying a Weapon, Assault Using or Displaying a Weapon, Assault Causing Bodily Injury, Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident, Domestic Abuse Assault Impeding Airflow, Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Injury, Failure to Have a Valid License, Failure to Provide Proof of Liability, and Failure to Obey a Yield Sign. If convicted on all charges, he faces a maximum of nine years in prison.