Iowa City man who admitted drinking “plenty of alcohol” arrested for drug possession and OWI


An Iowa City man has been arrested after allegedly being found with a controlled substance while driving drunk.

Police say the incident occurred at 4pm Monday near the intersection of Boyrum Street and Highland Avenue. They allege that 28-year-old Marshall Bohlmann of Haywood Drive failed to come to a complete stop at the intersection, and failed to yield right of way to the officer’s squad car, cutting him off.

Bohlmann then abruptly turned onto Plum Street and parked in a random driveway, where the officer made contact with him. His eyes were reportedly watery and bloodshot, and there was a smell of ingested alcohol and burnt marijuana coming from the vehicle. Bohlman allegedly admitted to drinking “plenty of alcohol” and stated that he shouldn’t have been driving.

Impairment was noted during field testing, and a PBT showed a blood-alcohol content of .163 percent. A subsequent search of Bohlmann turned up four blue tablets he identified as Xanax. Bohlmann allegedly stated that he didn’t have a prescription for the pills because his doctor wouldn’t give him one.

After being taken into custody, Bohlmann provided a Datamaster test reading of .154 percent.  A check of court records showed he has had at least three previous convictions for possession of a controlled substance.

Bohlman was charged with his first OWI and 3rd or subsequent controlled substance violation. If convicted on both counts, he could be sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison.