Transient with history of violating no-contact orders arrested again for two more violations


A transient with a history of violating no-contact orders has been arrested again for two more alleged violations.

Iowa City Police say 44-year-old Demetrius Casino Jones went to the protected party’s Cross Park Avenue apartment just after 6:45pm on October 25th. He allegedly knocked on the door and asked to be let in. When the woman told Jones to leave, he allegedly said he loved her and left.

Jones allegedly returned just after 7:30pm on November 9th, when the victim reported he showed up at her apartment and gave her flowers. She threw the flowers in a nearby dumpster and called 9-1-1 two hours later to report the incident. The woman said she was able to get Jones to leave after he brought the flowers, but she called 9-1-1 when he later returned.

The flowers were later recovered from the dumpster by investigators. Jones was booked into the Johnson County Jail just after 5:15 Thursday night and charged with two no-contact order violations. He was released just before 9:45 Friday morning.

Jones has violated the order multiple times in the last year, including threats to shoot the woman last April and one incident where he stood outside her window at her former residence in the Town & Campus Apartments and yelled, “I’m out of jail, bitch!”