Iowa City man charged with assault after doing electrical work


An Iowa City man has been arrested after he allegedly went into a shed to assault a man at a residence he was doing electrical work for.

According to arrest reports, 38-year-old Timothy Messier of Western Road went to the manufactured home at the Western Hills Mobile Estates on 2nd Street in Coralville the morning of January 7th to complete electrical work inside. Messier then reportedly left the residence and walked to a detached garden shed in the back yard, where the victim was located. Police say Messier went to the shed to look for the man, and in his words, “kick his ass.”

Messier walked into the shed, saw the man, and allegedly began punching him in the head immediately. The man was knocked to the ground, but Messier reportedly continued to punch him and then put him in a headlock. The man stabbed Messier in the leg in order to get away from him, which he was able to do successfully.

Despite the alleged assault, the man told police he didn’t suffer lingering pain or visible injuries.

A warrant was requested for Messier’s arrest; he was taken into custody late Monday afternoon. He’s been charged with assault and 2nd degree Burglary and could be sentenced to over ten years in prison if convicted on the charges.

The arrest report did not explain the motive behind Messier’s alleged attack.