Coralville man accused of store theft arrested after assaulting girlfriend


A Coralville man who had been charged with theft from a Coral Ridge Mall store was arrested later that same night after assaulting his girlfriend.

Police say 19-year-old Brian Matthess of Holiday Road was charged with theft of merchandise from Scheel’s. His live-in girlfriend of over a year was his ride home, and when they got to their residence, Matthess and the woman reportedly began arguing. He allegedly grabbed the keys out of the ignition, and when she tried to get them back, Matthess is accused of grabbing the woman’s right arm with both hands and squeezing. The woman told authorities because of the force he was applying, she thought Matthess was going to break her arm. He’s also accused of punching and breaking the car radio, throwing the pieces at his girlfriend.

Once in their apartment, Matthess reportedly grabbed the woman’s hair and pulled, snapping her neck back causing pain. She told officers that she still felt pain three hours after the act.

Matthess allegedly admitted to pulling the woman’s hair and breaking the radio.

He was arrested and charged with Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Injury, a serious misdemeanor that is punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year if convicted. A no-contact order was requested between the two.