Des Moines man accused of stealing running car parked outside Coralville convenience store


A central Iowa man faces charges that he stole a car left running outside of a Coralville convenience store.

Coralville Police say 30-year-old Rahim Mohammad Khoshdel of Des Moines entered a 2000 Honda Accord that was left running outside Delimart on Hayden Fry Way just after 5:15 Tuesday afternoon. He then drove away with no intention of returning the vehicle.

Khoshdel was booked into the Johnson County Jail just after 6:45 Tuesday night and charged with 2nd Degree Theft. Video taken inside the jail shows that just before 7:45 that night Khoshdel punched another inmate in the head while the inmate was sleeping. He then allegedly punched the inmate in the head a second time after the man woke up. The inmate suffered bumps and bruises as a result of the attack, and another inmate reported witnessing it.

Khoshdel is charged with 2nd Degree Theft and Assault Causing Bodily Injury. If convicted on both charges, he faces a maximum of six years in prison.