Iowa man allegedly tried to conceal open alcohol when stopped for speeding


A Nora Springs Iowa man has been charged with an OWI being stopped for speeding on Highway 218.

53-year-old Matthew Barendsen Shook was stopped at around 4:45 pm Monday as he was on the northwest ramp curve of the road at the 87 mile marker. A deputy had reportedly clocked him going 81 miles an hour in a posted 65 mile an hour zone. Authorities say he was slow to respond to the emergency lights of the squad car, and upon contact saw that Shook was trying to conceal open containers of alcohol from them.

Shook allegedly smelled strongly of ingested alcohol and performed poorly on field testing. A PBT showed a blood-alcohol content of .233 percent and a Datamaster reading of .210.

He was taken into custody and charged with OWI, a serious misdemeanor.