Iowa man accused of assaulting and threatening wife at UI parking ramp


A Conroy Iowa man has been taken into custody after allegedly assaulting his wife at a University of Iowa parking ramp.

Police say the incident occurred the morning of September 2nd at the ramp on the 300 block of South Grand Avenue. 35-year-old Bradley Allen reportedly assaulted the woman, who he’s currently married to, by punching her multiple times in the head. Allen also allegedly stated he was going to kill the woman. He’s also accused of taking the purse and wallet that was on her person at the time of the alleged assault.

The woman later told a witness that it was Allen who assaulted her. Officers who interviewed the woman noticed multiple bruises on her arms consistent with defensive injuries. A check of surveillance video at the ramp allegedly shows Allen leaving the area adjacent to the location of the robbery.

A check of court records shows Allen has Domestic Assault convictions on his record in 2012 and two others in 2019. He also has two arrests pending trial from March 4th and July 14th of this year.

A warrant for Allen’s arrest was issued September3rd; he was taken into custody Monday and charged with 2nd Degree Robbery and Domestic Abuse Assault, 3rd or subsequent offense. If convicted on both counts from this month’s incident, Allen could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison.