Underage UI Student claimed she “didn’t remember any of it” while at downtown bar


An underage University of Iowa student claimed that she “didn’t remember any of it” when she was discovered at a downtown bar after hours.

Police say 18-year-old Allison Barker of Tinley Park Illinois was in Bo James on East Washington Street around 12:45 am Wednesday with a group of underage friends and alcoholic beverages in front of them. Upon questioning, Barker reportedly refused to give officers an ID and information after multiple requests. She allegedly had bloodshot watery eyes, impaired speech and balance, and had the odor of ingested alcohol.

When asked about her name and date of birth, Barker reportedly said she didn’t remember any of it. She stated she had too many drinks throughout the night. Barker refused a post-arrest PBT.

She has been charged with possession of a fictitious license, public intoxication, and being in a bar under legal age. Barker allegedly refused to sign the PAULA citation or for being in the bar after 10 pm as an underage individual.

If convicted on the charges, Barker could be sentenced to up to 13 months in jail.