Iowa City icon The Mill to be replaced by entertainment venue at same location in new building

01/13/22(updated 01/17/22)

While plans are in the works to demolish the Iowa City music landmark The Mill, there are plans to reopen a similar but updated venue in the same location.

Little Village Magazine reports that Marc Moen, who has owned the East Burlington Street property since 2002, appreciates the public support for continuing the venue. He is working with design architects to reopen a live-music venue in a new building at its current location.

In a statement released Wednesday, Moen said, “We are fully committed to including a purpose-built intimate performance venue as part of the new development on the Mill site.”

Architect Kevin Monson of Neumann Monson Architects told the magazine that the design will better highlight the entertainers performing, with better sight lines for patrons.

It’s anticipated design plans will be finalized sometime this year. Construction is estimated to take about two years, with the new site likely opening sometime in 2025.