Dubuque man arrested after making comment about giving officer his “real ID”


A Dubuque man faces charges after allegedly being intoxicated in downtown Iowa City early Thursday morning, and inadvertently admitting to possession of a fake ID.

A patrolling officer noticed 19-year-old Henry Tomecek having difficulties walking down Clinton Street just before 1:40 am.  Upon making contact, the man allegedly had slurred speech, unsteady balance, bloodshot watery eyes, and the odor of ingested alcohol.

The officer asked Tomecek for his driver’s license, at which point he allegedly made a comment about giving him “the real ID.”  A fictitious driver’s license was reportedly discovered on his person.

Tomecek agreed to a post-arrest PBT showing his blood-alcohol level at .256 percent.

Tomecek faces up to 13 months in jail if convicted on Public Intoxication and Possession of a Fictitious ID charges.