Chicago man faces domestic abuse charges after Thursday incident


A Chicago man who has been living with an Iowa City woman over the past year has been taken into custody after an argument escalated to an assault.

The alleged incident took place shortly after 2 am Thursday at the couple’s apartment at Pheasant Ridge on Bartelt Road. 20-year-old Nelson Ramos and the woman got into an argument. Ramos wanted to leave, but the woman asked him to stay and talk. Ramos then allegedly grabbed a knife and threatened to kill himself.

Ramos then reportedly decided to leave and started collecting property that wasn’t his, causing the two to argue more. At that point, the altercation reportedly turned physical. Ramos is accused of punching the woman in the face, after which she said she was going to call the police. The woman’s phone was on the ground, and Ramos allegedly grabbed it first and prevented her from using it. He then reportedly grabbed the woman by the throat and shoved her against a wall. He continued to hold her by the throat, and allegedly told her he was “done.”

The woman reportedly screamed for help, which woke up her sleeping daughter. She began crying when she heard her mother being assaulted.

The woman told officers that she saw stars while being choked and felt like she was going to pass out. She complained of neck pain,  and pain when swallowing. She reportedly had scratches and red marks on her neck, swelling on her left check and a cut on the inside of her upper lip.

Ramos and the woman are said to be in an intimate relationship and have lived together in the past year.

Ramos was arrested and charged with Domestic Abuse Assault, Domestic Abuse Assault restricting Airflow, Obstruction of Emergency Communications, and Child Endangerment. If convicted on all counts, he could be sentenced to over eight years in prison.

A no-contact order was requested between the two parties involved.