Shelter House resident, alleged accomplice charged with vehicle theft


A Shelter House resident and an alleged accomplice have been arrested after being found in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Police located the vehicle, a 2014 Toyota Avalon, on Williams Street, just before 9:30 Wednesday night.  After verifying that it was still on-record as stolen, investigators spoke with one of its occupants, 30-year-old Michael Baker.

Baker told officers that he’d been in possession of the vehicle for over a month, and bought the vehicle, in his words, “in exchange for stealing some nice clothes.”

Occupants on scene verified Baker had use of the vehicle, and received rides from him.

Baker was charged with 1st degree Theft, a Class C Felony punishable by a prison term of up to ten years.

An alleged accomplice, 58-year-old Robert Lucas, faces the same charge after he was found behind the wheel of the vehicle when it was located.