City High boys basketball team receives police escort out of Fairfield gym after “racially-charged comment”


The City High boys basketball team requested a police escort from the Fairfield high school gym Monday night after what officials termed a “racially-charged comment” was made towards City High head coach Brennan Swayzer.

Swayzer, who is black, has not commented publicly on the issue. But a statement issued to City High parents, students and staff indicates the incident happened about five minutes into the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game in Fairfield. An official reportedly made a racially-charged comment to Swayzer before ejecting him and a City High fan from the game.  A bench-clearing altercation between the two teams with about two minutes left led Little Hawk coaches to remove the team from the court due to what was termed an “unsafe environment”.

The team then received a police escort to the locker room and to the bus back home, and the game was declared final with Fairfield winning 77-63.

Officials from the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Fairfield High School had yet to comment as of Wednesday morning.